Mobulous Technologies Revolutionizing The Mobile App Development Landscape

Anil Sharma, Managing Director
Anil Sharma, Managing DirectorIn today’s tech-driven world, mobile solutions are revolutionizing the way organizations operate by increasing the efficiency, improving productivity, streamlining business operations, optimizing communication between the workforces and improving connectivity with the target audience. In the era of mobile technologies, a smartphone has become an extension of almost every customer thus compelling every organization to devise impactful mobile strategies in order to stay relevant in the market. According to a report published by Statista, mobile apps are forecasted to generate close to 189 Million Dollars by 2020, a clear indicator that organizations need an application development service provider to develop a custom mobile app to gain more profits. However, most concept creators adopt a cookie cutter approach and fail to conduct a complete market study and understand the preferences of the target audience and utilize one of its limited strategies believed to be best and launch the application. The launch of such tailor-made applications demands critical research so as to add relevant features thus ensuring better user experience and wider reach to its target audience.
Perfectly equipped to meet and exceed customer expectations in this domain is Noida headquartered Mobulous Technologies, one of the leading mobile application development companies, that strives to design, develop and deliver breakthrough mobile solutions across the globe not limited to a particular sector rather it extends its comprehensive suite of services across a broad range of industry verticals such as Enterprise, Navigation, Healthcare, Wearable Technology, Education, Augmented Reality, Games, 7MCG, Media and Finance. The profciency of the company lies in its ability to deliver integrated and streamlined solutions to businesses across the world through its offices located in India and USA. “We follow a consulting driven approach,” says Anil Sharma, Managing Director at Mobulous Technologies.

“Owing to its prowess in this sector, mobulous has designed a significant number of apps that have even reached millions of subscribers”

10 Steps Ahead of its Competitors
He walks us through 10 key factors that make his company stand apart from its competitors in the market. He believes the location of the solution provider and its accessibility plays a key role in understanding the client’s unique requirements better. With Mobulous Technologies located in one of India’s foremost IT destinations, Delhi NCR, the company is highly accessible to its clients. A one-on-one interaction can lead to better understanding of the company’s position, business goals and target audience. Each requirement can be better addressed through this approach, putting clients at ease as well.
The company prides itself on having attained one of the leadership positions in this domain and having established its market presence since 2013. The company is made up of over 70 dedicated and technically adept employees that work with state-of-the art infrastructure and innovative gadgets that further propel the team’s efficiency and delivery of superior levels of customer satisfaction. The company houses some of the top rated App Developers on Appfutura, Clutch, Good Firms, Up work and PeoplePerHour. The company has a team devoted to its blog that acts as a platform that updates on any new app launch and its features and all the necessary information required. “Our fourth key point is that we have agile development process. We have mastered the process over the years by designing and delivering 400 plus apps to our large customer base across the globe,” reveals Anil. Over the span of over six years, Mobulous Technology has built an extensive portfolio of solutions and services in perfect combination with the teams deep domain expertise achieved through proper research, dedication and determination. The team’s expertise lies in providing its customers services such as Product Strategy, App UI/UX Design, Native Android App Development, Native IOS App Development, React Native App Development, Web UI Design, Web Development, Product QA, Product Delivery, Product Deployment and App Store Optimisation and Promotion Strategies.
Gaining Global Recognition
The company has successfully delivered its solutions and services to a broad spectrum of customers hailing from various industries which in turn has built the trust in the market that it commands today.
The company was recently approached by a Gurugram based e-commerce startup led by Rohit Kumar who was on the lookout to transform his grocery app idea into reality. He envisioned an app available across cross-platform devices on Android, iOS and Web with features to manage orders, products, providing offers and coupons, loyalty points, refer and earn feature, and many more, that was targeted at connecting retailers/local ‘kirana’ store owners and customers. Taking a complete understanding of the client’s requirements, the team of skilled developers at Mobulous designed and developed BinBill, a feature-rich app that offers flexibility, security, comfort, and convenience to its customers. The retailer can reach out to its potential audience, and supply new, fresh, properly cleaned, and packed groceries, fruits, vegetables, organic products and the likes at the customer's doorsteps on the click of a button. For retailers, the deployment  of the app has proven to be a cost-saving investment, and assures higher ROI. The app improves the shoppers experience with its excellent user-friendly UI that is simple and easy-to-use and also responsive, which means it is scalable to any screen size. “The company has achieved over 50,000 app downloads and an extensive network of Partner Retail Stores within a short span of time. From team Mobulous, we always strive for excellence and promise to deliver and cater to the needs and requirements of the client. We wish team BinBill for a great and prosperous year ahead,” says Anil.
Mobulous’ position is further reinforced in the market by the reviews and testimonials received for the work accomplished and boosted client satisfaction. In fact, the company has been recognized as Top Mobile App Developers on a myriad of review platforms such as Appfutura, Clutch, Good Firm, PeoplePerHour and so on. “And then the next part is, gaining a perfect project understanding with a clear vision of your projects and its mission, understanding the concept correctly, what market is being targeted and what is the end goal,” informs Anil.
The next advantage is the availability of flexible payments where the company extends flexible payment options and ensures transparency in deliveries linked with the payment as a form of building trust with its offshore partners.
Assuring Top-notch Maintenance and Support
Excellent communication skills are stated to be the next unique factor. Mobulous possesses project management software such as basecap.jira and smart sheets for tracking and approval. In conjunction with this, PMs and PCs are personally accessible anytime on chat. Lastly, once the app is designed and gone live on the Stores, the team proffers months of free support spanning over any minor or major technical roadblocks. Post the implementation Support, the team has customized plans providing AMC specifically for customer product which proves to be cost effective. The Backend Team suggests the best performance tested servers, whether Cloud or VPS, for the product in order to ensure better user sustainability. Mobulous harnesses the power of Amazon and Google based cloud servers to accelerate the App data success.
Creating a Space for Readers and Authors 
Owing to its prowess in this sector, Mobulous has designed a significant number of apps that have even reached millions of subscribers. One such app that was recognized and featured on CNBC is the Vowelor app that acts as a one-stop destination app created for readers and authors across the globe. The app acts as a platform that bridges the communication gap between the authors and its readers where fans and writers, alike can express their thoughts and experiences about the books, reading and writing.
The app can be leveraged as a communication platform where both readers and authors can regularly interact on multiple social media platforms. Vowelor permits its users the ability to create a book club where other users can be invited to join the club. Every book club member can share their reviews about the specific book in the form of posts and pictures on the Vowelor app. Another exclusive feature is Followed Libraries that allows readers to Follow Libraries of the fellow readers that share similar likes for a particular genre of books. Whenever the selected reader reads or adds any books into their libraries, the user will instantly get a notification thus enabling readers to avail information automatically about the fellow reader’s current favourite books and read them.
Staying Ahead of the Curve
The team of experts are continually engaged in market research to understand the market trends and customer expectations so as to add updated features to the developed website or app.
Striving towards achieving excellence, Mobulous has a clear cut vision of maintaining its leadership position as an application and website development services company with its skilled team diligently working on a daily basis to continuously provide better solutions and services that deliver better value to the end user.