Genora Infotech: Engineering thoughtful Designs and Quality Coding

CIO Vendor The advancement in cloud migration and cloud implementation has brought a pressing need of developing enterprise class mobile apps that can be used by multiple devices. The organizations look forward to cloud applications that can speed up the process and aid them to reduce time to market. Based out of Goa, Genora Infotech Private Limited specializes in software development, android/iOS application development and web design services. Genora’s practical and proven development cycle from initial requirement analysis to implementation brings about high quality and innovative products.

Most of the off shoring companies embrace sub standard technology architecture that often leads to failure of the product in the long run. Unlike its peers in the market, Genora’s solutions are based on MEAN stack platform that reduces the maintenance cost and enables clients to add new modules on top of the existing infrastructure. Like a craftsman crafts his work, so does the Genora team evaluates the clients' concept for the project. The company’s team of user interface designers ensures that the user gets the best experience using the app. Milind explains that Genora's success stories are made up of the creations that have delighted the end users. This gives an edge to the passionate startup teams looking forward to outsource to a company with equal passion for the product.

With a thorough understanding of market needs, experience, and innovative tools and business models, Genora frames seamless user interfaces and develops robust applications resting on MEAN stack platform. The company primarily works on native android and iOS.
However, while working on top of the existing modules, the team adheres to other technologies such as php, MySQL,.Net, code ignitor, and ionic to name a few. “We keep these skillets handy in order to meet our objective that is to deliver desired results in the form of avantgarde apps”, exclaims Milind Prabhu, CEO, Genora Infotech.

Genora has built its expertise around platforms like Hadoop that further enables them to process huge amounts of data

Finding and developing skilled programmers have drawn and attracted a lot of investments lately. Realizing this, the company avails its training program for iOS resources that lasts significantly longer than android training. Genora has built its expertise around platforms like Hadoop that further enables them to process huge amounts of data. Interestingly, the speed at which these platforms process data is remarkable. The organization has done extensive work with stock exchange companies along with many others in the same domain.

Besides developing reliable and advanced software for transport and education industries, Genora has over 6+ years of experience in the offshore IT services. While acquiring the state of the art premises, the company is ready to expand with the intention to pursue work in the AI field at a much larger scale.

Having served major premium fleet companies in Australia, the company is unwaveringly working towards evolving solutions to automate the fright operation as well.