Techugo: Making Businesses Mobile Ready

CIO Vendor Smart phones have unalterably disrupted the business landscape by transforming the business processes. They help enterprises lower the operating costs and improve ROI by enabling business owners to keep track of field forces and make operations fast and efficient with flexibility."Mobile will take over every business domain. If you are not planning a mobile strategy for your business then you have to plan for a new business altogether,"says Abhinav Singh, CEO about the impact of smart phones on businesses. "Start-ups owing to their inexperience believe that a mobile application could solve their every business problem but mobile application is just a tool to facilitate the business process,"he adds. There are many mobile application development vendors in the market who develop innovative mobile solutions. However,finding a vendor who can deliver not just the mobile application but optimal solutions to transform the business by understanding the entire business logic of a firm has become very difficult for the business owners.

"Techugo develops mobile applications for both android and ios platforms by transforming the latest technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, flutter, augmented reality, virtual reality, chatbot into user friendly interface"

Techugo, a Noida based company provides comprehensive solutions to startups and enterprise level companies by clearly understanding the company's entire business processes and organisational life cycle. Many enterprise level companies have a preset number of processes they have been practising for years. Techugo analyses the conventional process of the enterprises and helps them in transformation of the business processes by making processes mobile friendly to ensure better flexibility along with productivity. Techugo provides mobile application services by
demonstrating through the Proof of Concepts(POC)for legal tech, finance, health care, social networking, travel tech, banking, e-commerce and various other industries.

We provide handholding support to startups and empower them to raise their funds and make business more remunerative

Techugo develops mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms by transforming the latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Flutter, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Chatbot into user friendly interface. With a team of 150 plus technocrats, comprising iOS, Android, iPad, Back end, frontend Marketers, designers & Sales, the company offers applications for iPhone, iPad & Android. The company also develops cross platform hybrid applications by using the React Native technology. "Startups with their aspirations higher and challenges bigger would expect any solution provider to help them increase their revenue. We provide handholding support to startups and empower them to raise their funds and make business more remunerative. Till date we have raised funds close to 15 million USD for our clients. We interact and discuss with business owners to understand how they handle the logistics and how the customer satisfaction can be increased; accordingly we build a customizable mobile solution. We guide startups to effectively run their business not just the mobile application,"affirms Abhinav Singh.

The company also develops mobile solutions for wearable devices for iOS and Android platforms and transforms the existing mobile applications into wear-able device solutions. Techugo enjoys majority of its clientele from abroad apart from a sizable number of clients from India. The company has been working with largest legal tech company, Airtel, and Dhanuka Fertilizers, to name a few. Techugo has been providing enterprise application services to one of India's largest political parties and political strategists.